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250_helenHelen Dannetun is Professor of Physics and Vice-Chancellor at Linköping University. She acquired her Master of Science in applied physics and electrical engineering at Linköping University in 1980 and her Doctorate, with a dissertation on catalytic reactions on metallic surfaces, in 1987.

Following the completion of her Doctorate, Professor Dannetun continued her academic career as Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1988), Senior Lecturer (1994), Professor of Physics (2002), Head of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM; 2000-2003) and Dean of the Institute of Technology (2004-2011).

Professor Helen Dannetun has been a member of the Swedish Technology Delegation and the Swedish Government’s Research Policy Advisory Board. She is the Chair of the Association of Swedish Higher Education and Speaker of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities.

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